Proper Hygiene Contributes to Asthma in Children?

The number of sufferers of bronchial asthma is going up within children in the US and scientists in Canada are seriously questioning why this is happening.

In a search to discover answers, Dr. B. Brett Finlay together with his group of experts will be starting an endeavor referred to as the “Impact of the Microbiota on Immune Development and Disease”.

This project will examine whether our good hygiene practices in the United Stats have made western culture “too clean” and as a result young children aren’t being exposed to the micro organisms they should to develop resilient immunity as they grow into adults.

“We see auto-immune diseases like asthma and eczema increasing rapidly in North American children, but we don’t see the same effect in children in the developing world,”

Dr. B. Brett Finlay, a Professor at the University of British Columbia.

This could provide scientist an insight into the function of a typical microbiota inside the immune system. Hopefully this will lead to new developments in the treatment process of asthma, eczema and a multitude of other ailments and allergies which plague many people.

The study, which will last for five years, is funded partially via the Canadian Institutes of Health Research in addition to Genome BC. They are providing $1.875 million and $625,000 respectively.

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