Winter Asthma

In most cases, asthma is a ailment which is associated with other conditions including shortness of breath, narrowing of airways, chest tightness, heavy coughing and pain in the chest. Asthma symptoms can be especially uncomfortable during the winter season. Due to pressure on the windpipe, you can experience intense coughing in the early morning or late at night often leading to a lack of sleep in colder months.

There is no age specification for this breathing disorder; Asthma can affect people of all age groups. In recent surveys, it was carefully assessed that more than 20 million Americans are suffering from this disorder, out of which more than 5 million are children.  With such a great number, it is very important to know all about asthma symptoms and effective winter asthma treatment. To get complete awareness, you first have to understand asthma symptoms, which are very important for a proper diagnoses. Asthma symptoms can persist for long periods of time before detection, but mostly there is no complication in finding abnormal behavior of the body and other unusual responses associated with asthma.

Asthma symptoms can substantially worsen during winter months if they are not controlled or observed in a timely manner. Just like most chronic and dangerous health problems, you have to be cautious and must not allow it to go beyond a certain limit that can cause serious issues in the future. The situation normally seems fine, but in case you face winter asthma flareups or exacerbations, also known as asthma attacks, the situation will eventually deteriorate and you will be forced to seek quick-relief asthma treatment right away. It is quite true that when you first notice winter asthma symptoms, it should be considered serious and proper measures should be followed to receive an appropriate asthma treatment. If it is ignored or paid little attention, you may experience a serious asthma attack that could be fatal.

Apart from this, there is a belief that most of the people experience severe respiratory problems in the fall. Winter asthma exists and can destroy your health. Winter asthma is generally recognized as a tough and more severe condition of respiratory disorder that can be very dangerous if you ignore it completely.

There are quite a few types of asthma precautions which must be focused very much to at least minimize symptoms in most of the cases.  First, you need to sit with your doctor and tell him whatever he needs to know. Do not hide any symptom, as it will cause trouble in your asthma treatment.  Initially, during winter season, you must figure out how to cope with chronic and troublesome symptoms for winter asthma. You might experience serious cough at night or early in the morning. This is due to a contracted windpipe in the winter season that may be present when you get up or laid down for sleep. The best natural way  to combat this particular symptom is to drink a glass of lukewarm water.

Secondly, you make an attempt to decrease the quantity of quick-relief medicines you take, which are highly used by people with asthma all over the world. Indeed this type of quick-relief asthma medications can be helpful initially, but you have to cope with these issues long-term and your dependency on this type of treatment will increase in time.

Along with those procedures, try to avoid staying up late at night and get plenty of sleep. Your sleep at night is going to help greatly in maintaining smoother breathing while dealing with winter asthma. Sleep disorders will be a nightmare in combination with your adverse symptoms  and winter asthma complications.

The cold winter air can lead to nasal congestion, stuffiness and wheezing even in healthy people, so asthma patients must be extra vigilant. If you must be outdoors in cold for an extended period of time it can be helpful to wear a scarf or even cold weather mask to warm the air you breathe.

Lastly, do not ignore even a mild attack of asthma during the winter or any other season as it can prove to be fatal. Immediately find help at the closest hospital or medical center and stay there until you feel comfortable enough with your breathing. Remember, breathing is the only function of the human body which we cannot interrupt for more than a minute in normal conditions. Therefore, if you experience any such thing, do not wait. Seek help until you have fully gained normal respiration and remember being an asthma sufferer during the winter months is a dangerous combination, but with a little time and caution it is possible to lessen any negative winter asthma effects.

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